Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sugar Crisis: The Update

Okay, I have a confession to make: I suck at quitting sugar.

I thought it would be so easy, since I didn't really eat that much of it to begin with. But once I started thinking about it, I started craving it. Suddenly, I was craving donuts -- which I normally don't like -- and dreaming of ice cream. What was going on???

I still have no answer. And, I still haven't kicked the habit.

Now my internal debate centres around whether it's really a big deal, after all. What if I was just being a fanatic, and it's really not the end of the world if I eat a brownie now and then? (Especially if it's a really, really GOOD brownie...) Then I wonder if it's my addiction that's talking and telling me it's okay to have just one. Ack!

You see how this could get out of hand.

The solution I've worked out, for now, is that I'll just do what I did when I was losing weight: I'll keep eating healthy, with lots of veggies and water and fiber (and coffee -- so sue me), and when I do indulge in a treat, I'll make it small. I won't completely deny myself, but I won't go crazy, either. A nice, happy medium. Hey, it worked for losing forty pounds, so I figure it could keep me from sugar-induced illnesses, as well. Maybe.

Anyway, that's the update. I hope you're not too disappointed in me.


  1. Oh my! How do you do it! I'm so totally sugar addicted, I know! Keep on trying and remember that everything in life must come to a balance!

  2. Hey Amanda! Nice to "meet" you too! Yeah, no problems linking to me...I've already linked to you and forgot to to blogging, total breach of etiquette I'm sure. ;)

    Anyhoo, yeah sugar is a TOUGH one. I had actually pretty much gotten rid of it for 6 years, then during the pregnancy from hell with my second I fell off the wagon. plan is to get back on the wagon after I'm done all this childbearing stuff.

    Just today I ordered that "Sugar Blues" book you recommended from Amazon. Eagerly awaiting it's arrival!

  3. Awesome! Yeah, I've still been struggling with this, but I'm getting better -- mostly because I was really starting to mope and get depressed, and I knew if I ate ice cream, it'd only make it worse. Much, much worse. :)