Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Energy Project, Day 3

I want to have good sleeping habits so a) I can live a better, more rested and happy life; and b) so I'll fit in with everyone else's sleeping habits.

Telling people that I have four kids, and we wake up at 9 in the morning (or later), usually gets a reaction of some sort, whether it's surprise or envy or ... something else.

Getting to the library for 10 am is hard for us. And if we want to participate in programs, we have to get up early and rush around to get ready.

Sometimes, morning play dates don't work well because by the time we've all eaten breakfast -- and I'm always last -- it's almost lunchtime. And by then our friends need to be at home, eating their lunch, while we're still full from our late breakfast and ready to start some activities.

Our differences make me wonder if I'm doing something wrong. Since we're not the same as everyone else, I think maybe I'd better "buckle down" and "get on the ball."

But seriously, no one in my family is either a) in danger; b) unhappy; or c) deprived. We're just good sleepers. We take our time in the morning. We gradually ease into our day instead of jumping in with both feet.

At least, I do, and the kids tolerate that.

Is there really anything wrong with that? I wonder.

Having said that, I have been appreciating the benefits of an earlier bedtime. It's nice to open my eyes in the morning and think coherent thoughts. Granted, I still require at least one cup to reach full coherency levels, but while my brain is percolating with the coffee, I'm enjoying an extra hour of spring sunshine coming in the through my tall kitchen windows.

In between filling cups with milk, of course. And hunting through the cupboards for more applesauce.

I guess we all, as mothers, are terrified that our particular quirks may ruin our children for life. This may just be another one of mine to add to the list of potential reasons for future therapy.

In the meantime, I may as well use the motherguilt for good instead of evil, and let my wondering spur me on to become a little more disciplined. A little discipline never hurt anyone, did it? And neither did a little extra sleep.

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  1. Nice to read from you again! If you haven't read my blog lately, I've been off daily caffeine for about 2 months now. I don't mind a "real" coffee a few times a week but I don't need it anymore. It all started with gastro-intestinal flu causing a big NO NO about coffee for a week or so and then, I realised I didn't need it anymore. I have found "ganocafe" which is a tasty instant decaf using the ganoderma, a mushroom which is supposed to clear your body from toxins and which is also a stimulant. It's more expensive than coffee, 66 cents a cup (compared to about 15-20 cents for good quality coffee). I have a cup every morning and I'll have decaf coffee later in the afternoon for the warm comfort it brings me.

    If you wanna try it, lemme know!