Friday, March 12, 2010

It's been ages since I've written because I didn't think I had anything to say. Plus, life around here is kind of busy, and I like to keep it simple.

But, reading through my older posts, I have to laugh at myself. I was so worried about having more energy and getting better sleep back then, and now, after my writing hiatus, I find I come back with answers! How weird is that?

It turns out that caffeine suppresses the thyroid, which is, of course, a regulator of the body's energy levels. I was so full of caffeine that my body couldn't make its own energy.

Also, eating fresh vegetables has been a great way to get a boost of energy in the mid-afternoon when I usually droop. Cucumbers and hummus are a favourite snack of mine.

I've also been going to bed at a reasonable hour most nights, so yay for me! My new wake-up time? 8 or 8:30 am. Woohoo!

Kicking the coffee habit was pretty hard at first, but I asked God to help me and I stuck with it. I'm drinking a funky "instant coffee substitute" called Bambu, which at first seemed like a pretty weak imitation to my yummy strong coffee, but now satisfies my taste buds well. I've also come to crave water. Plain old tap water. Who knew it could taste so good and be so satisfying?

I assume that all these positive changes show up in my blood, which I had my homeopathic doctor friend look at in a live blood analysis. (It turns out that all my red blood cells were stuck together and unable to do their job properly. Ick.) I'll have to go back and see her in a little while for another peek at the little guys.

Keep finding new ways to be healthy! :)

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